Cohort Instructors
Course Number Name T1 T2 T3 Instructor email
EDUC 450 Inquiry I Don Krug
EDUC 451 Inquiry II Yvonne Dawydiak
EDUC 315/321418/430 Practicum Yvonne Dawydiak
EDUC 440 Aboriginal Education Cash Ahenakew
EPSE 307 Developmental Theories Lina Darwich
EPSE 308 Diverse Learners Daniel Bakan
EDST 401 School and Society Ee-Seul Yoon
EDST 402 Education and Media Ee-Seul Yoon
LLED 350 Classroom Discourse Lori Prodan
LLED 353 EAL Roxanne Madryga
EDCP 331 Social Studies Holly Keon
LLED 352 Teaching/Learning French Wendy Lee
EPSE 310 Assessment and Learning
EPSE 311 Supportive Environ. Rebecca Collie
EDST 403 Knowledge and Curriculum Kal Heer
LLED 351 Literacy and Assessment Lori Prodan
EDCP 301 Art
EDCP 340 Math
EDCP 308 Music Daniel Bakan
EDCP 349 Science Sandra Scott
EDST 404 Ethics and Teaching
EPSE 317 Develop and Exceptionality
EDUC 452 Inquiry III

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