For our cohort day, we worked together with the MY-SRL cohort to answer the ‘structures challenge’ – a hands-on/minds-on collaborative activity requiring participants to use their critical thinking skills, problem solving and ingenuity. The true learning target was to build community through an inquiry-oriented activity.

Following the building session, groups led visitors through their ‘open house’ – explaining, at times in detail, what went into the making of their creative space. Some went so far as to develop a story of the inhabitants – including their pets!

Of course, with any good inquiry, we spent some time debriefing – in this case, some mind mapping in the form of a ‘placemat’ (4 quadrant) reflection.

Our final ‘walk-out’ activity was a crowd sourced Venn Diagram… kickin it old school and keeping the whole group engaged with sticky notes and a chalkboard! (there was no smartboard in sight!)


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