Professional Development – Dyslexia

I attended a very informative workshop on dyslexia, hosted by the Learning Disabilities Association. The guest speaker was Nancy Young, an educator with extensive knowledge of “science-based approaches to teaching reading, spelling, and writing”. She broke down a lot of information and emphasized the importance of teaching using morphemes and phonemes.  One quote that stood out was “Reading is a natural process”. Many times, we tend to think everyone can or will eventually learn to read but this is a common misconception. The other speaker was Cathy McMillan, the founder of “Decoding Dyslexia”. She and her daughter are dyslexic so it was very interesting to listen to a firsthand account. She also handed out a worksheet with a few paragraphs on it, written in a way that a person with dyslexia would view it. During another interactive activity, she had us write with our non-dominant hand to put into perspective the difficulties that dyslexic students may experience. Overall, this workshop taught me a lot about the importance of phonology, especially when working with students for whom reading and writing does not come “naturally”.

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  1. Yvonne Dawydiak Reply

    As someone for whom it didn’t come naturally (wrongly diagnosed dyslexic at gr.2) but, eventually, it became a strength and passion, I am so glad you had this opportunity. Thank you for sharing the quote. Simple but it does illustrate that reading isn’t just ‘automatic’ as so many assume.

  2. jasleent Reply

    I also felt the quote “Reading is a process” stood out! It was interesting to note that many people often mistake reading as something that should just come naturally. However, we tend to forget the different needs that each student may have such as: a learning disability. Also I thought it was awesome getting to work through various activities in order to understand the difficulty that some students face within a classroom setting.

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