Computer Using TCs of UBC on the prowl for technology

On Friday I attended Computer Using Educators of BC’s (CUEBC) conference at Byrnwe Creek Secondary. It started with George Couros’ keynote about innovating, which was similar to the mindset I had for my undergrad studies. Then followed 3 sessions of information exchange which I was able to take some valuable information away. Mostly, I got names of Apps and technologies that were deployed, but I am always left with the question of how effective each one is? They all seem great and all, but I’ll need to actually use them myself to really understand how it can help my students.

The first session was of robotics and micro-controllers, we saw some neat circuit related toys like little bits, which were magnetically connected circuit components that can teach even primary grades the basics of electricity. We had a chance to talk to other technology teachers and were told about robot turtle, the Lego EV3 and programming with scratch.

The second sessions was with Ms. Sandu who taught ELL students with interactive apps like Quiver, that makes augmented reality of drawings that pop up under an iPad camera. Book maker, a great tool for students to compile a digital book to present their research. Her presentation can be found here.

Third session was about Minecraft in the classroom, how it works, how to make it meaningful and how to manage it.

By sheer luck, I’ve managed to acquire a Chromebook from the conference to which I’ll explore what it can do in a classroom setting. Resources and information for Chromebook were scarce throughout the conference.


4 comments on “Computer Using TCs of UBC on the prowl for technology”

  1. Yvonne Dawydiak Reply

    Thanks for including the link to Ms. Sandu’s presentation Andy. Digital Technologies for ELL learners is an area I’m currently exploring in some depth and I appreciate the help with my research! Winning a chromebook must have been exciting! Perfect to have a new computer to take into practicum and even better when it didn’t cost you anything…

  2. Sophia Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Andy!
    I would never think to use Minecraft in the classroom and I would be interested in how this would work considering that it’s a video game. I’m just curious, but how would a teacher make Minecraft meaningful and productive within a classroom setting?

  3. ramneetr Reply

    Sounds like you had a great day Andy! I am interested in learning more about this Quiver app. It seems as if many of us could use this within our classrooms this year! I also think that the students will really enjoy the app.

  4. jong Reply

    When you won that chrome book I was angry! Not really. I had a great time with you and the other folks from our large group. Going together was fun and informative!

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