Reflecting on today’s cohort day (Nov 19)

Today we started with the one word exercise where we expanded on its meaning and reflected on the practical aspect of it during our practicum. Although we came up with individualized words, we were placed in groups where the over arching ideas were put into a single collaborative collage of pictures; the one words were therefore connected to many ideas. The images were examples of our words put into reality, the best part was that although some of us had the same word, we demonstrated different actions and activities to represent the word. During this activity we made sure that everyone’s voice and ideas were heard, although in one particular case where the pictures were not included and left out. But that does not reflect on the assignment as a whole and our system of teaching.


Working with the blog today, we first discovered how we should differentiate between a personal and professional blog. Also as a bonus we learned together how to navigate through the complex system behind building a blog site. Some of the highlights were the security, safety and anonymity when reflecting on specific practicum experiences that deal with sensitive issues. This is also a model of using students as a resource for themselves instead of going to the instructor directly. We were able to figure out bugs and problems on the blog together and worked to our collective success.


We then had soup, which was delicious!!!! =D


Twitter should be used to establish a professional educational presence and it’s a great tool to gather resources from like minded peers. The remainder of the day went on to discuss and critically reflect on expectations of ourselves while on practicum. We took the professional language and made it into real life situations. We shared our experiences and expanded our ideas that were introduced from our other classes. We were then once again put into groups and did peer learning, as well as linking back to using our peers as resources in the classroom. Sometimes sharing is out of our comfort zone because we are suppose to be the “expert” in the room, it was a very comfortable and safe environment to share our professional thoughts without the fear of being looked down upon and ridiculed. There is something enriching about sharing our experiments amongst many others who are also experimenting their pedagogical methods.


Overall it was nice to be able to share everybody’s ideas in smaller groups. It was easier to speak out and it’s a rare opportunity to have the cohort gathered to build rapport and trust that enables us to share ideas and advance our understandings.


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