Ethical Considerations for Inquiry

As you know, there are ethical considerations for you to recognize as you conduct commons.wikimedia.organ inquiry during your BEd. The main issue is ‘human subjects’ and the fact you do not have permissions from UBC to conduct research on human subjects or to report on observations or conversations with specific individuals. You may, of course, reference published works that might include both academic and non-academic sources. These sources might be visual, audio, image-based and/or textual.

Please read the information linked here as it very clearly describes what you CAN and CANNOT do as part of your inquiry.

*The above information pertains to your proposal as well. Please do not refer to individual conversations with your SA or other individuals; do not refer to individual observations but, instead, refer to “In my observations of teaching, I have noticed that… ” “As a beginning teacher, I have tried… and come to recognize that…” “I have observed X on many occasions and believe Y” ; “I have reflected on various opportunities to… and found…” etc.

I am more than happy to take early submission of drafts (even very rough or partial drafts) to scan for ‘compliance’ of ethical considerations. I have already done so for a few members of the cohort this morning. SEND AWAY! More information to come in class!

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