Inquiry Resource: Is Homework Bogus?

Bonjour PL-TECHNOs,

I took a resource from the professional blog that I shared last week. Alfie Kohn is a thinker that I really like. He is pretty radical and makes you consider alternatives to “the way things are done.” If you are looking for some mind bending I would check him out.

Rethinking Homework by Alfie Kohn

In this article Kohn goes through several points of fact that may be counter intuitive. His first statement is “The negative effects of homework are well known.” Kohn systematically presents an anti-homework argument which is rather compelling. One suggestion that Kohn makes is “Ask the kids”… perhaps that is asking for too much?!

Anyway, I really like the way this guy thinks. He is witty, odd and down right smart. If you are looking for a combination of humour and substance he is a good bet… and he talks about A LOT of issues around education… he might even be a good resource for you!

Check him out,



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