Planning for Extended Practicum

I know many of you have now started having critical conversations with your SA and are also well into the term 2a and learning about course requirements and assignments and how these might inform your planning for extended practicum.

*Please remember to complete the EDUC418 required forms as you go. See the EDUC321 Practicum Overview info here for downloadable forms and detailed expectations.

You will now find on our blog a page of resources that includes information about planning requirements and templates you can use. Please review these resources as you prepare for EDUC418.

NB: in your methods courses, individual instructors may have specific planning templates they would like you to use and/or have specific requirements for the plans you submit. It is of value for beginning teachers/TCs to be exposed to a variety of planning methods. Please keep an open mind and ask questions as needed.

As discussed in class, our planning for practicum is an organic, practical and personalized process and, therefore, may differ in spirit from a course assignment – the plan you create is meant to support your teaching and your specific learners

The planning process will require time, consultation (with your FA & SA) and revision. Ultimately, we all want to ensure you are prepared for practicum!



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