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Technology Innovation!

My Pro-D Day was spent at the Computer Educators of British Columbia conference in Burnaby. I thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speaker George Couros who spoke on having an innovator’s mindset as well as gave some helpful tips such as how to set up an effective online portfolio. I attended three break out sessions in which

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Mini Inquiry Oct. 6

Inside the jar, is sand that I brought back with me from a beach in Southern Brazil. Buried in the sand is my leftover Brazilian currency.When I went to Brazil, it was my first time travelling outside of North America. I was exposed first hand to themes such as marginalization and poverty that I had

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New Beginnings!

These first few weeks I felt nervous at various times, represented by the knot. I am also feeling like this program is stretching me and forcing me to grow. I have felt stretched in a bad way at times, as if I’ve been stretched beyond my limits and overwhelmed. Being stretched is not always a

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