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Strategies to support engagement

Let’s get practical! I’ll start a brief list of strategies you can employ to increase student engagement, active listening and thinking during discussions and lessons. It would be terrific to see individuals ‘add’ to the list… in this way, we might build a bank! Utilize think-pair-share (don’t forget the think time!) Call on students randomly

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Roland Case Seminar Oct. 7Column #3 – Critical Thinking

Roland Case  – see for resources online and to purchase a membership ($20) or select individual resources ($3) Through some stories and interactivities, Roland reminds us that thinking matters… if students don’t learn to think, they don’t necessarily understand the concepts or content we ‘want’ them to grasp. Thinking strategy – to teach about concepts

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Asking Questions

Asking effective questions is an important skill in teaching – especially when endeavouring to teach from an inquiry perspective! There are a number of excellent resources available to support questioning. Here are only a few: Creating Essential Questions Examples of Open Ended Questions Comparing Open and Closed Questions Teacher Tools: Questioning strategies You might consider

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