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Resources for Self Regulation

Hello! I have posted some resources that may be helpful for an inquiry project on self-regulation! Tweet


Practicum Reflection – Week of Nov. 9th

It has been a pleasure observing so many lessons and activities in which Teacher Candidates look to plan and facilitate valuable learning opportunities for their students. These have included both active and more passive learning strategies. Active learning has been defined as “a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or

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Pro-D – Dyselxia

Last Friday the Pro-Day that I attended was on the top of Dyslexia, and the challenges many children face when they are trying to learn. The conference was very interesting, it gave an insight into some of the research done in showing brain pathways that are used for reading and writing, and these are not

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Pro-D Sharing

Day 1 – CUEBC I had late night hockey on Thursday and was not able to fall asleep until around 2:00 am. Waking up at 6:45 am was a challenge but I got it done. It was all worth it as our cohort hockey team won! 7 – 3 for the Bad Apples! Most of

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Mini inquiry

For my Sketch, I decided to go with a yellow flower.  Flowers usually remind me of my childhood. When I was younger, I would always watch my grandfather garden. At times I would help him out or even offer him suggestions. Gardening helped us bond. My grandfather passed away due to cancer. Even though this

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Mini Inquiry Oct. 6

Inside the jar, is sand that I brought back with me from a beach in Southern Brazil. Buried in the sand is my leftover Brazilian currency.When I went to Brazil, it was my first time travelling outside of North America. I was exposed first hand to themes such as marginalization and poverty that I had

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