Meet the PLTech Cohort

PLT Cohort Teacher Candidates 2015 – 2016

Assessment: Amanda Sara
Personalized Learning: Hannah Madeleine
SEL/SRL: Raman Sophia Andy Rasheena
Differentiation: Ramneet Meliza Suriti
Engagement: Darrien Jasleen Ashley
Upper Intermediate focus grp: Vicki Jonathan Graham


PLT Cohort Teacher Candidates 2014 – 2015

PLT Cohort Teacher Candidates 2013-2014

Cohort Co-ordinators:

Yvonne Dawydiak  yvonne.dawydiak@ubc.caI am an Adjunct Teaching Professor of Personalized Learning and Technology here at UBC. I am seconded from the Surrey School District where I worked for the past 20 odd years as a classroom teacher in grades one through grade seven. This is my third year at UBC. I love profile2teaching and learning and found the opportunity to work at the University, where I completed both my undergrad, teacher education and Masters of Educational Technology degrees, an exciting one! In addition to coordinating the PLTech Cohort, I teach Inquiry (1, 2, & 3) and work with Faculty, Instructors and students in a variety of ways to support authentic tech integration in the classroom. Follow me on Twitter – @yvonnedtechtalk – or  #pltech to follow tweets from me, our TC’s and our PLN. Please also visit me in the Scarfe Digital Sandbox (virtually or f2f!)

Don Krug (2015 update – currently on leave of absence)

I am a Professor in the Faculty of Education and the Faculty Leader for the Personalizeddon Learning & Technologies Cohort for the Elementary Teacher Education Program. I am also the Director of the Digital Learning and Curriculum Cohort for the Masters of Education Program in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. I work with teachers and students to inquire and learn about the integration of technologies within education.

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  1. A.Leung Reply

    I can’t wait to see our names and pictures on here. I saw the picture of last year’s PL-TECH on the wall outside room 206 today and this page reminds me of the pride we share as this year’s cohort.

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