EDST 401 – Educ&Media


Course Description:
This course provides pre-service teachers entering the teacher education program with opportunities to inquire into their personal genealogies and social and historical locations in the context of schooling as a key institution in a pluralist and democratic society.

This course allowed us the opportunity to explore our own pasts and locations, and really evaluate what our beliefs are in regards to social justice issues. EDST 401 also provided students with the chance to work collaboratively in groups to explore an issue such as poverty or ableism, create a case study, and explore the literature and policies in regards to the chosen issue. Groups presented their case studies which allowed plenty of discussion and introduction to a wide variety of images.
EDST 401 forced us to have open dialogue, and think critically about how we will implement the social justice theories into our classrooms.

Resource Links:
EDST 401 had a variety of informative and valuable readings. For an extensive list of these, please refer to the EDST 401 Course Syllabus.

Most readings are available through the UBC library and require a CWL.

A very informative resource that we accessed during EDST 401 is linked below.

Osborne, K. (2008). Education and schooling: A relationship that can never be taken for granted. In D. Coulter & J.R. Wiens (Eds.), Why do we educate? Renewing the conversation (vol. 1, pp. 21-41). Boston: Blackwell. (Chapter 2) Available at: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/ubc/docDetail.action?docID=10297982& p00=why%20educa e%3F%20renewing%20conversation

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