EDUC 440 – AboriginalEducation

EDUC 440 Anita Parhar – Course Outline

A course on learning how to incorporate Aboriginal history and Indigenous knowledge meaningfully and respectfully into the classroom.

We examine the role of Aboriginal history, perspectives and knowledge, as well as our own relation to these topics, with the goal being to provide educators with the tools to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students, and for all students in general.

Course Reflection

A practical course that showed how possible it is to integrate Indigenous content (culture, histories, memories, etc.) and the First Peoples Principles of Learning into curriculum. This course gives step-by-step guidance and useful resources to make this process simple and teacher friendly.  It also shows why it is important to integrate this content into the curriculum for all students, not just Indigenous students.


Indigenous Foundations – an information resource that is a great place to begin your research on Indigenous politics, history, and culture.

Teaching for Indigenous Education – this webpage offers resources teachers can use in their classrooms to integrate Indigenous teaching. It offers offers a variety of digital resources to meet many different teachers’ needs, engage learners, and create an inclusive classroom environment.

Shared Learning – Lesson plans with Indigenous content for k-10.

The Xwi7xwa Library at UBC – a library at UBC that provides Indigenous collections to the community. The library’s collections support Indigenous ways of knowing.

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