Welcome to our Blog! We are the Personalized Learning and Technology Cohort in the Bachelor of Education at UBC. Follow us as we engage in discussion, reflection and artifact collection during our year long elementary practicum and learning journey!

Inquiry Sept. 23

As mentioned in my email, Don has regretfully needed to postpone his guest lecture in today’s inquiry class. We will, instead, work together to explore some critical issues with respect to technology integration. In advance of class, please read the following paper: http://itec-ubc.ca/wordpress/educ450120/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/09/EDICT-2008-571.pdf and peruse the following website: FNO.org  http://fno.org/Jan2013/cov.html (including the two hyperlinked pages

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Welcome to Inquiry!

Teacher Inquiry is designed to engender: an understanding of teaching as a moral and intellectual activity requiring inquiry, judgement and engagement with multiple others—students, parents, colleagues, scholarly community an appreciation of the importance of research in understanding curriculum, teaching and learning. a desire to engage in one’s own educational inquiries—to become students of teaching. Course

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Constructing our Knowledge about Personalized Learning

The following comments were developed by the PLTech cohort during our first cohort meeting through a think-pair-share activity. Individuals considered the question: What is your conception of personalized learning? Following this think time, partners formed and attempted to come to some form of consensus. Following this, partners grouped with another pair of colleagues as they

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