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Yvonne: Chris Kennedy, Superintendent of Schools West Van, offers a fresh perspective in a voice I find engaging. I began following this blog several years ago and, subsequently, had the opportunity to meet Chris. In my conversations with him, I feel he ‘walks the walk’ and also is not afraid to question his own beliefs and practice. Something I try to emulate. Chris has written many insightful posts that speak to the importance of personalization and authentic technology integration – an area of professional inquiry for me as coordinator of the PLTech cohort!

Sophia: After searching for an insightful and helpful blog, I found this blog discussing about inquiry within classrooms. I thought that this blog would be a great read for everyone since it brings up interesting aspects of inquiry and how we as teachers can help to support our students’ inquiries. A particular blog post that struck with me was titled, “What Can I Give?” This was particularly relevant for me as this is a question that has been on my mind as I begin to develop and grow into becoming a teacher.

Darrien: Searching for a blog was very overwhelming. It wasn’t until I used the hashtag #sd36learn that I found @MauiMickey. She’s a teacher in Abbotsford and is very actively engaged in what is happening not only in her own educational backyard, (she posted about a trip to the Inquiry Hub!), but is also creating a global community of resources. Her blog is a refreshingly real look at the life of teacher as a life-long learner.

Ashley: The West Van school district’s blog on digital literacy is great to follow. I used it quite a bit a few years ago when I worked at a learning centre. There haven’t been any recent posts but a lot of teachers have posted great ideas about how to integrate technology and maximize student engagement (e-portfolios, digital storytelling, etc.). There are also many insightful posts by teachers who have presented at Pro-D days.

Rasheena: I chose this blog because teachers operate it. I think this is valuable because we are all inquiring through teacher lenses. This blog is a way for teachers to unite and share ideas and resources. Through this, many discussions about inquiry can emerge. The site has many categories that you can filter through. The blogs include topics such as classroom management and understanding learning disabilities. Through exploring this site, I found a blog relevant to my inquiry on resilience.

Meliza: This blog/site was actually referred to me by my SA. This site is made up of commentaries, which are about problems and issues students and teachers struggle with. I found this site very refreshing and helpful because you are reading real experiences practicing teachers and administrators face on the daily. The entries are much like self reflections, that can somewhat resonate with any one of our inquiry questions. Commentaries on this site can range from diverse categories like: “Mindset is key,” “Stop shoulding,” “Bully prevention,”Technology,” “Positive discipline”… and the list goes on. Take a look, you might find a bunch of entries on your inquiry topic.

Amanda: After searching various blogs related to my inquiry topic I chose a website with blogs from numerous teachers. In particular I have been reading blog posts from Kathy Dyer. This website provides blog posts on a wide variety of topics. It is a good resource for those who may be considering an aspect of assessment for inquiry.

Vicki: My inquiry was shaped by courses that I took during my undergrad – Interdisiplinary Expressive Arts (IDEA) was a collection of classes created by Ross Laird, a consultant and facilitator based in Vancouver. They are innovative classes that focus on self-awareness, empathy and character by taking a different approach to education, an approach that is more holistic, integrative, and focused on general goals of personal development. Though the topics in the blog range from addiction counselling to education, there is a lot that can be taken away from the ideas introduced and explored there.

Raman: For my proposal I spent a lot of time thinking what I feel is important in children learning but also growth is reflection. With Yvonne’s help I was able to look into thinking about bridging the gap between self reflection and trying to teach children how to reflect with this blog:, I will also be looking into this blog: I feel as both blogs dive into the issue of reflection, and will help guide me with my inquiry project.

Graham: When I was doing some preliminary research for my inquiry question, I initially started looking for resources from a great wealth of wonderful education related information: educators I follow on Twitter. I initially looked around on George Couros’ website as I had seen him at the CUEBC conference in October, and found he has some wonderful takes of not only his patented “Innovator’s Mindset”, but also a great deal of other takes of issues such as leadership, classroom climate, and technology’s role in our schools.


Suriti: I chose this blog because it goes with my inquiry topic which is on ELL. I believe it can be beneficial to everyone as most of our classrooms are so diverse that we most likely will see at least one ELL student in our classes. Also in general this site is wonderful as it addresses a variety of topics related to teachers and classrooms ranging from grades K-12.

Madeleine: I have chosen this blog because it goes well with my inquiry as well as this course regarding personalized learning. It has many resources from multiple sources compiled in a nice organized way. Lots of different topics regarding PL. There are also other resources that are easy to access.

Jonathan: This is a blog format that I like. Simple titles that link to articles. The format is clean and the writer Alfie Kohn is a bit of a radical thinker when it comes to education. He has a strong stance on NOT giving homework. As a topic for my inquiry this is the subject I am going to look into. Check it out…

Andy: I found this blog because it talks about the topics I like and it links to other sites, articles and conferences. It’s right up my alley of inquiry of connecting with technology, going beyond to also communicating with both the school and professional community. I mainly love it for the fact it talks about the some of the newest technology and its uses in classes.

Ramneet: I found this blog fairly useful, as I had struggled with classroom management! This blog includes several links, videos, and posts on how to manage your classroom. I will definitely be relying on this during my extended practicum!


Jasleen: I really liked this blog because it related directly to my inquiry question. It introduced various topics and factual information. The comment section has teachers giving their opinions and what has worked best for their classroom.


Sara: This is a blog of a teacher within the Surrey School District who is willing to try new things in her classroom. She offers new ideas and concepts that can be used and how she has been able to implement them in her specific classroom environment.  I believe that this blog is a useful tool that I will continue to reference throughout my practicum experience.


Hannah: I found this blog very interesting because it relates to an inquiry question I am considering: How does a reliance on positive reinforcement help break the cycle on a reliance on negative reinforcement for attention seeking students?

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