Planning for Extended Practicum

A week by week planning guide for extended practicum to support you ‘during’ EDUC418 (NB: this is a generic guide… there may be some things that are less relevant to us… we’ll review in detail in March):  10-Week-Planning-Guide-1

Unit Planning for extended Practicum (EDUC 418)

You are required to design a Unit Plan for each Unit you will teach during extended practicum. These do not need to follow a specific template and can differ from each other. The important thing is to ensure your plans meet your needs, the needs of your students and have the key elements/information ‘we’ need for practicum:

  • Your Name, Grade, Anticipated start and end date of implementation
  • Unit Rationale/Overview
  • Guiding questions/Essential Questions/Big Ideas,
  • Appropriate standards: Curric and Content Competencies &/or PLO’s 
  • Assessment,
  • Considerations for: learner diversity, pre-requisite concepts, knowledge, skills, multi-modal strategies or approaches, tech integration)
  • Key resources and materials
  • Scope and Sequence of learning activities/experiences including learning objectives

Click here to view and select Unit Templates for download (more will be added as they are selected, reviewed, revised and/or developed).

As you develop your Unit Plans, it is advisable to continually reflect and self-assess – a resource to support this:  Evaluating a Lesson or Unit Checklist and a Rubric

Planning for Revised Curriculum – some of you will have the opportunity to explore the Revised BC Curriculum with your SAs through PD days or other opportunities. Here’s a template that might help:

KDU Worksheet for planning and implementing new curric

KDU Explained

Cross-curricular inquiry- here are a two examples of how one might develop a unit overview for cross-curricular inquiry (courtesy of Margot Filipenko LLED) crosscurricInquiry (more coming soon)

Understanding by Design (also called ‘backwards design) is a very effective framework for planning learning for your students. The idea is that you ‘begin with the end in mind’ (more on this soon!)

UBC Library: Wiggins, Grant, and McTighe, Jay. Understanding by Design (Expanded Second Edition). Alexandria, VA, USA: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD), 2005. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 10 January 2015.

Click here to view and download Lesson Planning templates You will need to plan the first two lessons of each Unit you will teach in advance of practicum beginning.

Click here to view and download Day and Week planning templates & samples: over the course of the first half of practicum, you will begin to take on the responsibility of the overall day and week planning for your class. The detail included in these plans will greater than what your School Advisor includes. Over time, these dayplans may begin to replace full formal lesson plans. (TBD on an individual basis) Where a ‘week at a glance’ plan is used, day plans will also be needed for each individual day.

(Daybook Expectations-1) for EDUC418 – these are a previous year’s guidelines – revisions may occur prior to extended practicum in consultation with David, FAs and TEO.



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